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Tubbed Epoxy Tile Mortar Grout - EPOXPRO P101 : 1 pre-mixed epoxy mortar grout for tile joint grouting, high performance of mechanical and chemical resistance. It's the most efficient grouting way for mosaic tile. It can be used as adhesive to tiling the ceramic tile, quartz, stone, etc. materials for bonding, filling and beautifying the joint of ceramic tile, quartz, stone, etc building materials in those area like ceramic tile floor, ceramic tile wall, washbasin, bathtub, toilet, kitchen table, door-crossing stone, etc.

Model Number:EPOXPRO P-10

Component:Epoxy resin & hardener

Appearance:1 : 1 semi-liquid paste

Net weight:3KG / 1KG

Shelf life:12 months

Color:Sanded matt

Application:Tile joint filling and beautifying

Construction:Caulked by scraper

Main Features

1. Pre-mixed, ready to go, colored, sanded.

2. Water-base material, safe and eco-friendly, zero VOC.

3. Super-bonding, no shrink, durable and no peeling.

4. Stain-resistance, anti-mildew, anti-bacteria, easy to clean.

5. Waterproof, wear proof and anti-scratch.

6. Best choice for small size tile, mosaic tile, stone, etc.


Mechanical Properties

NO.Test ItemStandard Requirements
JC/T1004-2017 RGⅡ Type
Test ResultIndividual ConclusionTest Basis
1Wear Resistance≤250mm³77mm³PassJC/T1004-2017 7.2
2Flexural Strength
(under standard test conditions)
≥10.0MPa13.0MPaPassJC/T1004-2017 7.3

Compressive Strength(under standard

 test conditions)

4Shrinkage Value≤1.5mm/m0.02mm/mPassJC/T1004-2017 7.4
5Water Absorption(240min)≤0.2g0.04gPassJC/T1004-2017 7.5
6Free of Formaldehyde≤1.0g/kgNot detectedPassGB 18583-2008
Appendix A
NO.Test ItemStandard Requirements
JC//T547-2017 R2 Type
Test ResultIndividual ConclusionTest Basis
1Shear Bond Strength≥2.0MPa5.0MPaPassJC/T547-20177.10
2Shear Bond Strength After Immersion In Water≥2.0MPa2.1MPaPass
3Drying Time≥20min,Tensile Bond Strength≥0.5mm/m2.8MPa(Drying 20 min)PassJC/T547-20177.8

Construction Procedures

1. Mix components A and B according to the proportion of the instructions, and mix evenly.

2. Scrape the sanded grout into the joints with a scraper.

3. Wet the cloth or sponge with water, scrub in circles in 360 degrees. If it is not clean, scrub again.

4. After 60 to 180 minutes (about 60 minutes in summer and 180 minutes in winter), rinse the cotton towel and wring it half dry. Scrub the tile surface clean.


Construction Notes

1. The joint depth in the construction surface should be ≥3mm.

2. Check whether the tiles have been firmly pasted before construction, clean the surface and 

joints of the tiles to ensure that the joints are dry.

3. Mix the grout according to the proportion of the instructions, use up the mixed grout within 20 minutes to avoid hardening. Once hardened, it is prohibited to continue to use.

4. Stirring must be sufficient to ensure uniform color and maximum strength. It is strictly forbidden to add other components of tile grout if it has been evenly stirred.

5. After filling the joints, the best scrubbing time is 30-40 minutes.

Color Selection


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Tubbed Epoxy Tile Mortar Grout - EPOXPRO P10

Tubbed Epoxy Tile Mortar Grout - EPOXPRO P10

Model Number:EPOXPRO P-10

Component:Epoxy resin & hardener

Application:Tile joint filling and beautifying

Construction:Caulked by scraper

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