Aaye yii nlo ati ṣeto "awọn kuki" lori kọnputa rẹ lati ṣe iranlọwọ lati jẹ ki oju opo wẹẹbu yii dara si. O le kọ ẹkọ diẹ sii nipa awọn kuki wọnyi ati alaye gbogbogbo nipa bi o ṣe le yi awọn eto kuki rẹ pada nipa titẹ si ibi. Nipa lilọsiwaju lati lo aaye yii laisi iyipada awọn eto rẹ, o gba si lilo awọn kuki wa.

Ile-iṣẹ onipinpin

Awọn olupin kaakiri jẹ Afara fun PERFLEX lati de ọdọ Awọn olumulo Agbegbe

PERFLEX ti ṣe agbekalẹ eto pinpin ti ogbo ni agbaye. Nipa atilẹyin ati ifọwọsowọpọ pẹlu awọn olupin kaakiri, PERFLEX ṣiṣẹ pọ pẹlu awọn olupin kaakiri lati pese awọn ọja ati iṣẹ didara ga si awọn olumulo ni kariaye.

Olupin nwon.Mirza

PERFLEX provides the most advanced technical support, marketing support and after-sales support to our distributors. The end users can enjoy assured products and after-sales service from our distributors worldwide.

Advertising Support

1- PERFLEX has a professional marketing team to take responsibility for the creating&maintaining website for our distributors. Meanwhile the advertising articles are continuously published on relevant social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube to guide end customers to expand the popularity of PERFLEX valuable products and brand.
2- Various promotional activities and training are held from time to time online to promote the PERFLEX valuable products and brand by video, article or online live.
3- Marketing videos like application, project, testing, operation, customer feedback etc will be launched monthly, which helps distributors attract more customers to know PERFLEX products and brand.

Advertising Support

Titaja Titaja

1- Along with PERFLEX R&D technology research and innovation, PERFLEX will continue to develop and launch new high valued products. Distributors will have absolute advantage in the market.
2- Free advertising materials (catalogs, posters, poster display), all these materials will be shipped together with your orders. This helps distributors save the advertisement cost and achieve more efficient advertisement.
3- PERFLEX will attend relative exhibition show to expand the influence of PERFLEX and help distributors to promote the PERFLEX products locally, or PERFLEX will attend the exhibition show or marketing activity held by distributors to assist them expand business.
4- PERFLEX will provide certain tools kit and color charts for free attached with certain quantity orders. Distributors will get certain annual discount if purchase quantity reaches certain amount.
5- PERFLEX will provide free professional online training and guidance for distributors, or our engineer will travel to distributor’s city to hold training seminar or we invite distributors to study in China.

Titaja Titaja

Oluranlowo lati tun nkan se
& After-sale Support

1- Wherever PERFLEX products have been used, our team of Technical Consultants will be able to help you with tailored and project-specific enquiries. We have more than 20 years’ experience in providing grouting system technical support for commercial, residential and large Repair, Maintenance and Improvement projects.
2- PERFLEX customer service team has rich application experience offering customer professional suggestion of the color selection, dosage, guides customers how to operate PERFLEX innovated tile grout, tile grout sealer and functional coatings, especially provide satisfactory after-sales service to customers. They always organize training webinar online or in our distributor site, collect users' feedback and transfer to R&D. PERFLEX marketing team works closely with the trend of the market. They build PERFLEX brand and maintain all social media to expand the popularity of PERFLEX brand.

Technical Support <br />& After-sale Support

Strict Market Protection Terms
& Conditions Support

1- The cooperation agreement will be signed between PERFLEX and distributors. Prohibit cross-regional operations and the dumping of goods. Our regional manager will supervise and manage market activities continuously. Therefore, the benefits of distributors and end consumers are strictly guaranteed and distributors can get rid of vicious competition and benefit well from our cooperation.
2- PERFLEX will transfer all customers to our distributors in their region, including online customers through PERFLEX online shop: www.perflexstore.com

Strict Market Protection Terms <br />& Conditions Support

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