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Why Do You Need Grouting For Your Tiles? Agasti 19, 2022

Because the tiles must leave a gap when tiling to prevent the tiles from thermal expansion and contraction, which will also affect the service life of the tiles, hence the need of tile grouting.

Since there is a gap, then if we do not grout for the tiles, it will be difficult to clean the gap of the tiles in our home. The gap is easy to be filled with dust and garbage. It is also easy to breed bacteria and bugs may also grow if the gap is humid. From the point of view of hygiene, it is necessary to do grouting for the tiles.

1. Color Display of Grout

Technology is changing day by day to drive people for home style of various pursuits, so also derived from the colorful seam color for people to choose.

2. Ukukhetha Umbala

The color choosing of grout is not as arbitrary as the color matching of clothes, after all, it is about the overall look and feel of a home in recent years, so there are many factors to consider.

01, color of tile

a.same color method

Such as light-colored tiles, they can be matched with a light-colored grout. Although such a match will not be stunning, there will be no visual errors.

Light yellow tiles can be matched with golden grout. It looks very harmonious and will not produce a sense of visual conflict.

b. similar color method

Similar to the same color method, they’re both for color unity.

Such as brown-red wood grain tile, it’s matched with golden grout and presents a good visual effect. Even if the tile or grout becomes black due to accumulated dust one day, it will not be particularly conspicuous.

c. Three colors that go with every other colors

The most crucial thing is the three colors, namely black, white and gray. When you really can't choose what color of grout to use, just choose these three colors.

White grout can basically hold any kind of color of tiles. Even if the tiles with more gorgeous color will look incomparable harmonious with white grout

Black tiles, with white grout, will show its layers to the fullest

Although the gray grout looks cold and silent, this match makes your home look warmer and it is suitable with all types of tiles.

d. Contrast method

The most classic contrast color is black and white. White tiles with black grout also looks very eye-catching.


Choose the same color for light-colored tiles, similar color for bright-colored tiles

Choose the opposite color for dark-colored tiles, three versatile colors: black, white, gray.

02,Overall decoration color

a.dark decoration

If it is a dark home environment, you can use light-colored grout, so that the match can better reflect the texture of the entire home, so that the seam lines are clearer and more obvious. Black and white, dark and light, dark green and light gray can be used with together.

b. light-colored decoration

The collocation of light-colored home environment with dark-colored grout is widely used, which makes the whole home cleaner and more elegant, the contrast obvious, the level clear. The effect is particularly good.

c. Cool and warm-colors decoration

Cool colors are most classically paired with warm colors to create a stunning effect. Their relationship relies on contrast, resulting from one's natural life experience, and matches well.

03, Isimbo Sasekhaya

a.Style Chinese

When choosing tile grout for Chinese style, you can choose a little low-key color, in line with the Chinese decoration of the introverted character. Mahogany furniture play a dominant role in Chinese decoration. It is recommended to choose gilding gold, aristocrat gold and coffee grout. Since these colors are more unique, and make the wooden color noble and elegant.

b.Uhlobo lwaseYurophu

European decoration style is gorgeous and pays attention to details. Their decorations are exquisite. Floor decoration is often matched with yellow, brown, white tiles, or wood flooring, making people feel generous and high-grade. In the choice of tile grout, it is recommended to match the ivory gold, moonlight silver or light gold, so the overall home decoration style will be more unified.

c.Uhlobo lwaseJapan

Japanese style pursues practicability and simplicity, simple and elegant colors. Wood flooring is mostly used in Japanese decoration. Now the wood grain tile are similar to wood flooring in shape and decoration,but its price is lower than wood flooring, so it is used more widely in the actual decoration. In the choice of grout color, ivory gold, bright gold, bright white are good choices.

d.Izitayile ezilula


Modern minimalist style is more of black, white and gray as the main color, loved by young people. The grout color matched with minimalist style home decor is more diverse. You can choose from similar colors to the  color of the tile, and also from the same colors as the color of the tile. For example, sublight gray, bright white, black pearl, etc. can become the main tone with!


3.Select based on material gloss

Now tile grout on the market can be divided into matte and glossy according to the lustre. It is not difficult to understand from the name. Matte means it will not reflect when light shines on, and bright is the one that reflects.

01, Matte

The color of matte tile grout is matte. Its color is relatively light with low gloss and soft visual effect, which will not stimulate the eyes. In addition, matte tile grout is more resistant to dirt. The overall effect is dark after grouting. It is fashionable in the modern style of the home, giving people an elegant, plain, subtle and soft color experience.

02, Eluhlaza

Glossy tile grout has good luster and fine texture. It’s decorative, giving a full and bright color experience. It’s most appropriate for the light luxury style of the home. Enhancing the style of the home and the gloss will leave a nice impression.

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