ही वेबसाइट अधिक चांगली बनवण्यात मदत करण्यासाठी ही साइट तुमच्या संगणकावर "कुकीज" वापरते आणि सेट करते. तुम्ही या कुकीजबद्दल अधिक जाणून घेऊ शकता आणि तुमची कुकी सेटिंग्ज कशी बदलायची याबद्दल सामान्य माहिती येथे क्लिक करून जाणून घेऊ शकता. तुमची सेटिंग्ज न बदलता ही साइट वापरणे सुरू ठेवून, तुम्ही आमच्या कुकीजच्या वापरास सहमती देत ​​आहात.

निर्बाध फ्लोअरिंग

साठी PERFLEX सोल्यूशन्स

प्रत्येक तपशील अधिक सुंदर आणि समाकलित करा. टाइलच्या सांध्यातील घाण आणि इतर घाणेरड्या गोष्टी वेगळे करणे. तुमचे टाइल इन्स्टॉलेशन अधिक मजबूत आणि टिकाऊ बनवा. प्रत्येक तपशील अधिक सुंदर बनवा.


इतर कोटिंग्सपेक्षा पॉलिअस्पार्टिक कोटिंगचे काय फायदे आहेत? 06 जानेवारी 2024

Epoxy floor, wear-resistant floor, curing floor…… These are our common floor types.

तथापि, अलिकडच्या वर्षांत, polyaspartic floor emerged and won market from other floors, becoming the new favorite of the floor field. It’s been widely used in wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, waterproof and other engineering fields.


So, why did it win the market from other floors and become the new favorite of the floor? Let’s analyze its advantages!


Wear resistance and impact resistance

पॉलीस्पार्टिक फ्लोअरिंग has higher wear resistance and high impact resistance, and has a longer service life than epoxy flooring and traditional polyurethane flooring.


Elasticity and non-slip effect

The polyaspartic material is very ductile, and the surface can be made into a non-slip surface, which is more anti-slip than the general floors, and the effective buffer of the impact is elastic, providing effective protection for the safety of walking.


आवाज कमी करण्याचे कार्य

The high elastic ground can effectively reduce the noise caused by the collision between the sole and the ground, reduce the noise of footsteps, especially the interference of the environment when the hard sole walks, and keep the environment quiet.



पर्यावरण संरक्षण आणि सुरक्षा

Polyaspartic material is non-toxic and tasteless, is an environmental protection material. The material contains unique antibacterial ingredients. It can effectively resist the growth of common Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli bacteria, and effectively upgrade the public health level.


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Good decorative effect

The wear-resistant layer of polyaspartic floor is the color layer. A simple process can achieve a seamless effect, and can draw a variety of creative patterns, fashion and beautiful, with excellent decorative effect.


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कमी एकूण खर्च

Polyaspartic floor is one seamless coating, directly and firmly bonded with cement foundation. The elastic self-leveling is formed in one seamless layer. It does not need another self-leveling cement, saving construction costs.


Easy construction

Polyaspartic floor construction process is simple. Polyaspartic material curing is relatively fast. Through the technical grinding, only simple scraping and rolling coating processes are needed. The construction period is short. A new floor can be put into use after a short period of maintenance after the construction.

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