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Der barê Perflex


What PERFLEX pursues is to provide users with value, long life products and convenient and quick solutions. Technology research and development is the core of PERFLEX development. Advanced production and quality management are the cornerstone of PERFLEX.

Der barê PerflexPerflex insists on easier decoration work anddurable products research with strength of high technology, good quality and continuous innovation. Perflexconcentrates on the research and manufacture of high valuable products like cartridge grout tile epoxy,polyaspartic non yellowing tile grout, epoxy grout mortar, waterproof tile & grout sealer, polyasparticseamless flooring, polyaspartic waterproof coating , etc. We are a company that believes in innovation anddares to embrace changes.

Em çi dikin?

We produce top quality tiling products, other than products, we provide solutions and professional service to our clients and partners globally. We are determined to bring changes to this industry, Our cartridge tile grout series is a product to make grouting a job so easy and satisfying. We are specialized in epoxy and polyaspartic. we help our customers to take full advantages of these amazing materials.

“Perflex is a company for the customers. We always make sure the product is worth the money the customers pay so they’ll come back to us. That’s the only approach we take to extend our business, only hard work and sincerity to our clients.” — Fred Chun, CEO

Usi ji me cuda dike?

Our product is innovative, especially our tile grout. The cartridge tile grout is all about easy application, good quality and various finishes and colors. Our R&D team includes 25 researchers with experience in this industry who work very closely with FEIYANG lab and South China University of Technology and Sun Yat-sen University. This provides us with opportunities to invent, adapt and optimize new materials on our products.

“Innovation is not about creating something that only looks fancy, but something really performs. We are a company to find problems and work hard to solve them. the drive of our innovation is always to provide product and solutions that work and are reliable.”— Roy Connor, Technical director

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What’s our vision?

We are determined to bring our product and service to people all over the world, keep the innovation going and help our partners grow and achieve success. Making products safe and environmental friendly is what makes our business sustainable.

"True innovation is hard to find in this industry. Perflex is that rare thing. It actually is as good as it looks. Amazing products that each day more and more tilers in the UK realize the efficiency, health & safety and environmental benefits”— Shane Manley, Perflex UK General Manager

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