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  • 202203141706225816

Polyaspartic Tile Grout Cartridge nwere agba - POLYPRO P30A best QUV resistance and non yellowing tile grout for over 50 years, that made of polyaspartic resin, isocyanate hardener. It is a semi-fluid liquid, packed into two-component plastic cartridge, easily operated by automatic caulking gun. It’s 100% solid content, zero VOC, non-toxic materials that can be cured under low temperature above -25℃

Model Number:POLYPRO P-30

Component:Polyaspartic resin & Isocyanate Hardener

Asambodo: France A+, CE, Rohs

Olu: 400ml

Ndụ nchekwa: ọnwa 16

Color:Regular & Sanded matt

Ngwa: Tile nkwonkwo ndochi na ịchọ mma

Ihe owuwu: Ejiri egbe caulking kpụrụ ya

Main Atụmatụ

Polyaspartic Tile Grout P-30 is super weather resistant. The grout will not be yellowing and chalking at outdoor. It has high bonding strength, excellent physical properties such as being non-sagging and tear/scratch/wear resistance. After curing, it is super anti-mildew, anti-bacterial, stain resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof, colorful, durable, smooth as porcelain, hard as diamond, bright as crystal, easy to clean, etc. The construction is very simple and convenient.

Nchịkọta anụ ahụ

Ihe Nlele

Resin A

Hardener B


Thixotropic paste

Semi-fluid liquid

Blend ratio (by volume)


Odor grade


Chromatic aberration △E


Oge ọrụ(25℃*min)

20± 5 nkeji

Original Curing


Ekweghị ekwe(Shore D)


Colloidal fluidity after blending

Thixotropic fluid

Adhesion (pull off test)(7d)


Ihe mgbochi Nguzogide (1000 g/500 r)


Sagging after blending

No sagging

Tensile Shear Strength/MPa

Standard condition


High/low temperature switch


Water absorbent 25℃24 hour(%)


Yellowing Resistance (168h)/


Waterproof / 24h

Enweghị mgbanwe

Chemical Resistance / 2h

Enweghị mgbanwe

Stain Resistance (Vinegar, soy, oil)/ 1h

Enweghị mgbanwe

Testing condition: 21-25℃,relative humidity 45-55%. Constructed by caulking gun.

Usoro ihe owuwu

1 Clean the dirt on the ceramic surface, and remove the dust and glue residue from joints, as well as any items such as plastic spacers.

2 Stick masking tape on both sides of the joints before use, or apply oily wax on both sides of the tile gap.

3 Unscrew the tube cap, install the nozzle, and cut the nozzle into the required size according to the size of the joint, preferably 1mm larger than the joint. And install the cartridge tube inside the gun.

4 Discard the first 20-30cm of the grout to ensure the material is well mixed.

5 Use a caulking gun to evenly into the tile joints, first horizontally and then vertically.

6 Use a pressing plate to finish the grout according to the required size.

7 Wait two to four hours at 25-35°C ambient temperature for curing and drying. Then use a scraper to remove excess grout.

ịkpachara anya

1 Waste removal time is from 4-24 hours along with the temperature from 45℃ to 5℃. For example, 4 hours at 35℃, 6 hours at 25℃, 12 hours at 15℃, & 24 hours at 5℃. Lower temperatures require more curing time. 

2 The storage of sealant should not be less than 5℃. 

3 Construction temperature is suitable in the range of 15-30℃. Too low temperature will affect the curing time and strength. 

4 Impurities, dust, grease, clear water and other substances shall not be allowed during construction. 

5 Do not touch or trample until the sealant is completely cured.

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Polyaspartic Tile Grout Cartridge nwere agba - POLYPRO P30

Polyaspartic Tile Grout Cartridge nwere agba - POLYPRO P30

Nọmba nlereanya:POLYPRO P-30

Akụrụngwa :Polyaspartic resin & Isocyanate Hardener

Ngwa :Tile nkwonkwo ndochi na ịchọ mma

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