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Global Strategy

PERFLEX Set Up Full-Service System for Global Users

PERFLEX aims to establish a complete service system for global users and provide professional services for local users. Through years of development, PERFLEX has established a distribution system in more than 30 countries. Our local distributors provide users with PERFLEX's high-quality grouting and coating products and services.

Global Distribution System Building

Perflex has established cooperation distributors in Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arab, Thailand and more than 30 countries. The successes of our distributors are the proofs of our own success. That’s why we always give them our full support in marketing, sales, planning, network buildings and any other assistance we can provide. For who are willing to join us, we are looking forward to working and growing with you in your territory.

Global Service System Building

Perflex understands the importance of doing as Romans do when in Rome, we realize there are differences from one region to another, Perflex works with local distributors closely to provide the professional and on time service to all the Perflex end customers, like Perflex distributors will often organize the training, communication and members forums, and work with contractors provide construction service for consumers.

Global Sourcing System Building

Perflex sources raw materials from global outstanding companies, like Feiyang Protech, Mitsubishi Chemical, Cabot, BASF and more, we cooperate with suppliers from all over the world to make sure we can achieve the optimal quality standard and and stable supplying to our customers. Furthermore, Perflex sets up joint R&D with those great companies to exploring the most advanced technology, so Perflex forms a matured global purchasing system to ensure the qualified suppling to global customers.

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