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Epoxy Injection Anchoring AdhesiveVOC-free, environmentally friendly product, safe and reliable to construct. It’s made of modified epoxy resin, no styrene, non-toxic. It’s of high strength, strong adhesion and good toughness. The adhesive is suitable for side or top anchoring reinforcement.

Model Number:E-184

Component:modified epoxy resin

Certificate:France A+, CE, Rohs, ISO9001

Volume: 450ml

Shelf life:12 months when the package is intact

Appearance:Grey paste

Application:Reinforcement planting and anchor bolts anchoring, anchorage of various infrastructure, family interior and exterior decoration and objects fixing

Construction:Caulked by caulking gun

Main Features:

1 No VOC, eco-friendly, safe and reliable construction;

2 Modified epoxy resin, styrene-free, safe and non-toxic;

3 High strength, strong adhesion, good toughness, the effect is equivalent top re-embedded;

4 Anti-aging, good heat resistance, no creeping at room temperature;

5 Low humidity sensitivity, long-term load stability in humid environment;

6 Acid and alkali resistance, good shock resistance, no expansion.

7 Good thixotropy, especially suitable for anchoring and planting bars on the side ortop surface.

8 High temperature resistance, can be welded.

Scope of Application:

1 Steel bar planting and anchor bolt anchoring in various building structures, engineering building reinforcement.

2 Anchoring of various infrastructures. Anchorage and support of the roof and wall of mine roadway, anchorage of railways and rails, installation and anchorage of curtain wall and installation and anchorage of chemical equipment, pipelines and billboards.

3 Home interior and exterior decoration and object fixing.

Technical Parameters:

Product name

Epoxy Injection Anchoring Adhesive

Mixing Ratio (weight ratio)


Appearance (after mixing)

Gray paste

Specific Gravity (after mixing)


Pot Life (25)

25 minutes

Initial Curing Time (25)


Complete Curing Time (25)

1-3 days

Strength Index

Design specification for concrete reinforcement structure, GB50550 construction quality acceptance specification for building structure reinforcement project

Packaging Information

450mlinjectable packaging

Construction Process:


1 Drilling: drilling according to technical parameters.

2 Hole cleaning: Clean the hole with a gas cylinder or compressed air and a brush until it's clean.

3 Glue injection: Install a static mixer on the plastic bottle, use a glue gun to first remove a small amount of the glue that is not completely mixed evenly at the front end, and then inject glue from the bottom of the hole to the mouth of the hole. The glue is generally filled with the holeto 1/2 to 2/3 depth.

4 Anchoring: slowly screw the steel bar or screw into the hole, and twitch up and down several times to ensure the glue is uniform, and do not stir it during the curing time.

5 Hardening and curing: According to the temperature of the substrate, wait enough time for the colloid to cure. After the colloid is completely cured, the load can be installed.

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Epoxy Injection Anchoring Adhesive

Epoxy Injection Anchoring Adhesive

Model Number:E-184

Component:modified epoxy resin

Application:Caulked by caulking gun

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